Styling & application




In this class you will be taught:

Application of the wig
* How to lay the wig down and secure it to your head
* How to lay the edges and create baby hairs
* How to ensure a sleek application and change parting.
*. Tints to use to match your skin colour

*************** Styling & finishing touches ********************

Chrissy will be teaching and demonstrating step by step her most favourite styling techniques.
Students will be given the opportunity to practice the following techniques taught under her supervision, using all her tools.
* effortless curls
– How to perfectly pin curl your hair to achieve long lasting glamorous curls
* Chrissybales signature lift
– How to create a voluminous lift that takes your hairstyle from basic to amazing!
* Chrissybales signature lift
Beautiful bouncy waves
– How to create sexy bouncy waves using a wand in record time!

The secret to sleek straight hair
– How to achieve bone straight sleek hair that flows effortlessly

Equipment & Tools: Everything required will be provided on the day

List of equipment will be provided

Deposit : £400.00 Per item



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