Episode 6: How to perfectly position your Frontal and Closure. How to stitch a full wig using a mesh cap.

Beginners and Advanced Friendly

Hi my name is Chrissybales and welcome to my online tutorial!

In this video, I’ll be teaching you my favourite and most used techniques which are perfect for beginners and also for those who want to perfect the construction of their hand made units using a mesh cap.

I’ll be detailing all the equipment/tools you’ll need and go through how to use them to get the best foundation in regards to frontal placement and stitching.

I’ll also be sharing my secret tips and tricks that will make your units flawless with no bumps! This tutorial will show you in detail how to mesh the gap between the frontal and the wefts for a seamless and smooth blend.

This tutorial will also highlight and demonstrate how to place the frontal or closure when constructing a unit for lower hairlines.

This tutorial WILL NOT COVER: Banding or the glueless method. To enable us to get to this stage we must first create a well constructed unit.

What’s included:


What you will learn:
- Learn to accurately position your wig cap onto a canvas head to achieve a natural finish.
- How to identify key markings to aid in constructing a unit.


What you will learn:
- How to position your frontal to create a perfectly structured unit by hand from start to finish.
- I will be covering how to do this using lace frontals in the following sizes: 13x4, 13x5 and 13x6.
- You will learn TWO very detailed methods and will be guided step by step along the way.


What you will learn:
- How to position your closure to create a perfectly structured unit by hand. Stitching of the closure (Via drawing ONLY )
- I will be covering how to do this using a 5x5 closure.


What you’ll learn:- The Blanket stitch technique for super secure attachment.
- How to evenly position your bundles by following my marked guidelines.
- My exclusive fold over method for bump free bundles.
- How to achieve super flat tracks using hot styling tools.