Frontal wig making - advanced

PRIVATE 1 DAY CLASS – Level Advanced

In this class you will learn:

Intense Frontal Customisation

Full Frontal customisation
Learning how to bleach the frontal
How to tint the frontal to match skin tones for light and dark skin tones
How to pluck the frontal to mimic your hairline

Wig Making

Sewing techniques - including blanket stitch method
How to use the fold over method to ensure a sleek, bump free wig
How to attach the frontal to the wig
How to sew the band and combs to the wig

Application of the wig

How to lay the wig down and secure it to your head
How to lay the edges and create baby hairs
How to ensure a sleek application

Styling & finishing touches

How to style the wig to your desire

TIME: 11am – 7pm
Add ons

Please note if you do not add on the options above, you will need to provide your own bundles and model. The model will only be required to attend at the beginning and the end of the class.
All other items required to complete the class will be provided